Gore Wins Oscar for Science Fiction

I heard an interesting interview of Dr. Patrick Michaels on a Cleveland radio station this morning. Dr. Michaels is the Professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia and the Senior Fellow in Environmental Studies at the Cato Institute. The interview discusses Al Gore’s Oscar-winning film, An Inconvenient Truth–a film on global warming which Michaels says is actually more science fiction than documentary.

Gore calls global warming “the overriding world challenge of our time.”  Michaels says it’s much ado about nothing.  Who are you gonna believe: a respected professor of Environmental Sciences or the genius who invented the internet.  (Wait.  Don’t answer that.)

The interview was essentially a reproduction of this article. Give it a read.


4 Responses

  1. The most ironic thing about the “green” Oscars was the audience; a good many of them rode in their hybrid limos to the airport, where they boarded some 80 private jets, each of which, in one cross-country flight, burns more fuel than a Hummer does in a year.

    In all seriousness, while I take your point about the Virginia professor, there are plenty of other professors out there who take global-warming more seriously.

  2. CNN is reporting that the “green” Gores have one whopper of an electricity bill. :)

  3. The film is a hot ticket out here in the intermountain West among the internet bloggers.

    Thanks bro for a little input to the contra.

    And yes, Lyn, our local paper highlighted the electricity bill. It did make me laugh.

  4. When Gore was nominated for the Oscar, I knew he would win because most of the Hollywood lefties believe the dross he is pushing!

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