How Cute Is She?

Lori and Chloe

My wife is something else: four daughters (three of whom she homeschools); a puppy she’s all over (she was potty trained in all of 2 weeks); eleven years married to me. Yet, she’s still happy, she still has a meek & quiet spirit, and she’s still knock-you-over gorgeous. In fact, Lori’s even prettier now than when we met, and even prettier inside than out.

My wife is awesome. Mercy, my life is awesome.


16 Responses

  1. Chris, you big pile of mush you !

  2. AWWW!!!! That is so great to hear! She sounds like a wonderful person. Congrats to you.

  3. Eleven years? She must be a saint!

  4. What great things to say about your wife. You must truly “dwell with her according to knowledge.”

  5. My wife is something else: …(she was potty trained in all of 2 weeks)

    Wow. She really is a fast learner!


  6. the Lord knows how we desparately needed our own heavenly designed helpers . . .

  7. Ladies: my wife is even better than described. I’m truly blessed.

    Todd: You’re right.

    Other Guys: You’re hilarious. Really. Ha ha.

    (Note to self: unclear antecedents can get you into all sorts of trouble.) :)

  8. Praise the Lord for Proverbs 31 women–“her price is far above rubies.”

  9. When you said “Lori”, I was thinking, “Hey, that’s my wife’s name, too”! Well, my wife is just as great, maybe even greater than your’s! Hey, ask Andy! MY WIFE HAS TO BE A SAINT TO LIVE WITH ME! :D

  10. A lovely post, Chris!

    I’ll help you out, Doug! I don’t know about the comparison business, but otherwise you’re quite right ;)

  11. Indeed. The only fellow I know who takes more of a saint to tolerate is myself!

  12. :D

    Seriously, I am very blessed to have Lori as my wife! I could have never asked for a better lady than her!

  13. Doug, you are blessed with a loving wife. I was always impressed that she visited you in the mental facility all those times. Not many would have.

  14. What mental facility? I spent a lot of time at your house when you were living in Columbus. Are you saying THAT was a mental facility? :D

  15. Hey, I came upon this post this afternoon.
    Chris, it was very nice of you to talk about your wife like that. I know that you mean it.
    The other comments are just absolutely funny. I let out some loud guffaws and chortles. Dan Phillips’ comment was worth the price of admission on this site. That is so funny, even if it is at Lori’s expense. Lori, blame your husband for that one.
    Andy and Doug’s banter was great too. I know you Doug, and Lori must be some lady. Andy, the mental facility was hilarious. That is so good.

    I would also like to say that I have been blessed with a wonderful help meet. I wouldn’t change a thing about my wife. We have had some trials in our family and ministry throughout the years, but we often tell each other, “Yes, it’s difficult, but I wouldn’t want to be going through it with any other person but you.” Yes, he who findeth a wife (and you had better make sure she’s a good one,) findeth a good thing.

    On another funny note: A number of years ago we had a family visit our church here in Mexico for several weeks. I think I was preaching on the family at the time, but on Wednesday night for prayer requests, a young lady in the family (probably about 23 years old or so) raised her hand and asked if we would pray that the Lord would provide her with a “help meet.” ??!!??!!??!! I didn’t laugh out loud, but I sure wanted to. I don’t remember for sure, but I think I tried to set her straight after the service. In a way it’s funny, but in a way it’s sad how current culture affects all of us in our thinking.

    I know this is an old article and post, but I just had to comment.

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