Young Funamentalists and the OBF

The OBF’s Winter Conference is this weekend at Westerville Bible Church, near Columbus. (You can see a pdf of the announcement of the conference here.) The theme of the conference is “Young Fundamentalists,” and the speakers are four thirty-something pastors who are members of the OBF: Mark Perry (Westerville Bible Church), Dave Saxton (Falls Berean Bible Church), Dan Greenfield (Orwell Bible Church) and me. I’ll be preaching on the topic “The Fundamentalist’s Tools: Sword and Trowel.” I’m grateful for the opportunity.

The OBF is blessed to have a balance of seasoned older men and grounded younger men. I’m glad to be part of the fellowship, and I’m looking forward to the weekend. Please pray for us as you think of it.


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  1. Mark, Dave, and Dan sound like excellent choices.

    What are you doing there? :D

  2. Hey, wouldn’t mind some mp3’s if you think of it. Don’t worry, Chris. Even if Greg has his doubts, we all think you’re solid…now that should tell you something!


  3. Hey, Jason. I’ll see what I can do.

    Hey, Greg. Read Jason’s post again. :)

  4. Chris, I’m not thirty yet! You guys are the older young fundamentalists!

  5. BTW, Chris- your “Type B” leanings are showing… you misspelled “Funamentalists” in the title…

  6. Chris is just trying emphasize the “fun” in fundamentalism.

  7. Greg,

    OK……the spelling thing and type B….that was funny!


    Blessings on you men and your meeting. By the way when and where is it? Chris, I noted in that article Greg mentions (SBC not wanting to be called fundamentalists) – You’ll notice that at least President Carter is on my side. That has to count for something!?

    Straight Ahead friends!


  8. Chris,

    Discoverd where and when. Blessings!


  9. Update: I am indeed having “fun.”

    We had a very profitable afternoon session, highlighted by a tremendous message from Dave Saxton on II Timothy 2:23-26. I took careful notes and will see what I can do about either posting them or making the mp3 available later. The thrust was that we are commanded not to strive, but to be gentle and patient in our ministry of the Word, fully confident that God can graciously and miraculously grant repentance to those in opposition. It was excellent; just what we needed; certainly the most biblical, thoughtful and practical sermon I’ve heard on the text. Praise the Lord.

  10. Indeed, an excellent message this afternoon by Dave. It was a great encouragement to my heart.

  11. The Lord blessed this weekend, and the Word went forth with clarity. I’m hoping to link to mp3’s of the messages in the next day or two.

    Again, I’m glad for the likemindedness of my OBF friends, and I’m excited about what the Lord is doing in our midst.

  12. Saturday was the first time my husband and I have ever attended part of an OBF conference. I guess I was never quite sure about whether these conferences were also attended by members of the congregations. Hearing the Word preached about fundamentalism was a great blessing, though I’m sorry we only heard one message. So I hope the mp3 scheme works out :)

  13. Glad you could make it, Cherie.

    The mp3’s are available here.

  14. Thanks for the mp3’s. They are a blessing. Sorry I missed the conference, I have just been gone from my sheep too much.

    I must say though that it was quite obvious to anyone familliar to the OBF that the most seasoned, longstanding young fundamentalist in his 30’s was “overlooked” when it came to selecting speakers.

    All chosen were excellent, of course, but I’m left wondering why Pastor Kent Hobi was “left out” when he has the deepest roots among all the 30’s in the OBF. I feel the conference missed a tremendous opportunity to have Kent’s perspective on these subjects discussed. He not only personifies excellence in his preaching, he exudes the love and passion for Christ that shames most pastors I know including me. He also has grown up in the OBF for 38 years, was the OBF Camp Director, and has stood in the middle of many, many fundamentalists “conflicts” that the OBF has had for years.

    I’m left not bitter just disappointed and just wondering. . . . . .


  15. Hey, Tim. I don’t think you’ve been here before. Welcome!

    Of course, everything you say about Kent is true. I’m privileged to fellowship with him both locally in our loose-knit fellowship in NE Ohio and with the OBF, and I’m grateful for His knowledge of the Word and heart for the Lord and His people.

    I wouldn’t read anything into the choice of speakers, other than the fact that substituting me for him kept the conference from being a DBTS reunion. :) Anyway, Kent’s character and gifts are highly regarded and valued, as they should be.

    Lord willing, we’ll all be able to be co-laborers in this area for the next three decades or so. The Lord is good.

  16. I was at that last conference and what a blessing to have such a Biblical and balanced viewpoint from the younger fundamentalists. Anyone who can listen to the mp3’s will be blessed by any and all of the 4.

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