Calling SBC Members Fundamentalists Is a “Misnomer.”

Says who? Well, a lot of people, including this conservative Southern Baptist. Apparently he’s unaware or ungrateful that he’s been welcomed into the fundamentalist fold as a card-carrying Type C.


Note: No comments here, though they may be made at CC is the news site of my friend, Greg Linscott, the former forum director of who–in addition to his other responsibilities there–made so many helpful contributions to SI’s “filings” column. CC is essentially a continuation of that service. Greg describes it this way:

“ is a roundup of news stories, commentary, and assorted links of note.”

Greg is doing fundamentalists a service by pointing us to news items which are of particular interest to us, but about which we would otherwise be unaware. Greg’s ability to dredge up news of interest either indicates that he has cloned himself, that he doesn’t sleep or that he has a powerful search tool on his computer. (I lean toward the first explanation, myself.)

Greg, thanks for the time and effort you are putting into CC. Others, bookmark this profitable site, subscribe to its feed and stop by often.

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