John MacArthur on the Pope and the Papacy

I know this is old, old news for many of you–the kind of news I think should be called “olds.” Anyway, I heard MacArthur’s message on “The Pope and the Papacy” for the first time today, so it’s “news” to me. It was given to me by someone at TCBC several months ago, and I finally got around to listening to it. My response? “Wow.” I was afraid my van’s stereo was going to melt. He doesn’t pull any punches. Much of it is his quoting of reformers and Christians leaders of centuries past (Calvin, Luther, Spurgeon, Ryle, etc.) who unashamedly opposed the Pope as an antichrist and exposed Roman Catholicism for the heresy that it is. It’s a straightforward, powerful, courageous presentation, especially compared to the mush that evangelicals were spreading during the time it was delivered, shortly after Pope John Paul II’s death.

You can read the transcript here. You can order the CD for $6 here. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be available anywhere as a free mp3, which is unfortunate. It’s a message that needs to be heard. (If I’m mistaken and it is available on-line, please say so.)

I’d recommend that you read it or listen to it. If you’ve heard it, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts. I’d also be interested in answers to several questions the message has resurrected in my mind, such as…

  • How evangelical theologians like J.I. Packer could promote something as absurd as ECT?
  • How an evangelical entertainment gig like Left Behind could have the Pope raptured?
  • How an evangelical(ish) preacher like Billy Graham could insist that the last Pope is now in heaven, and that he was both an “evangelist” and the greatest voice for morality of the last century?
  • How evangelical leaders like D. James Kennedy and Al Mohler could host or speak alongside a Catholic priest in a conference entitled “Reclaiming America for Christ“? (Yeah, I know, I’m beating a dead horse. I’ll stop beating it when it stops galloping.)

Come to think of it, I wouldn’t be interested in answers to those questions.

At any rate, MacArthur hit a home run on this one. It’s worth the $6. Bravo.


BTW, I’m posting from the Sauder Heritage Inn, near Toledo, Ohio. It’s part of “Historic Sauder Village,” and it’s one of the coolest hotels around. N-I-C-E. Anyway, if I don’t respond to comments, it’s because I’m at a family reunion. I just wanted to get this post “out” while it’s fresh on my mind.


13 Responses

  1. This article gets my attention;as a former catholic and one who now trusts only in Jesus Christ. Shortly after my conversion and leaving catholicism, I was confronted by a priest who asked me why I left my ” most holy faith”. (that’s how they talk you know). He knew me as a former altar boy and fairly active member, and looking into his eyes I remember feeling put on the spot. well the Lord helped me I believe, and I answered,”well, as a catholic, I was always taught that tha cath. church was the one true church established by Christ ” he heartedly agreed,”and as a catholic I had the whole organization between me and God. There was the pope,the cardinals, the bishops the priests. Mary, the saints -all these people I had to pray to and have between me and God”! he heartedly agreed . I then said, “I’ve started to read the Bible, and It says that there’s One Mediator between God and man, and that’s Jesus Christ, and you know, I just decided that I didn’t need all the rest “! His reaction really caught me off guard,as I didn’t know what to expect. He burst out laughing-as if I couldn’t have told a funnier joke. Looking back,I don’t believe he had the faintest idea what I said. It’s the truth mixed with error that relly blinds the eyes of him, my remaining family in the cath. church, and the church in general. Most are really sincere, but you can be sincerely wrong. Truth mixed with error is what the Bible calls apostacy, and it’s absolutely clear that we have to oppose it.

  2. I won’t bother trying to answer any of your questions — in good fundamentalist form you’ve made it clear that you don’t want answers.

    I will, however, say that the four items you mention are not of the same type.

    Happy new year.

  3. “…in good fundamentalist form you’ve made it clear that you don’t want answers.”

    Wow. I must be getting better at this. :) Actually, some would say my giving kudos to MacArthur is not “good fundamentalist form.” At any rate, the four are alike only in the sense that they all have evangelicals commending or cooperating with Rome, though not all to the same degree.

    Happy New Year to you, too, Keith.

    Pewman, the guy who passed this message on to me is a former Catholic as well. In fact, he and his Italian Catholic mother both came to Christ at about the same time several years ago. Baptizing her (an octogenarian) is one of the highlights of my brief pastoral ministry. The fella has grown like a weed and was recently nominated as a deacon at TCBC. What a great testimony of the power of the Gospel–a trophy of God’s grace!

  4. Hey, Chris – you can download the MP3 there as well. When you click on your link to the audio, just click the format box and select MP3 from the drop down menu.

    And it’s only 3 bucks in MP3 format – what a deal!

    Enjoy your new year and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) best wishes to your Buckeyes.

  5. Don’t know where it’d rate on your Brave-O-Meter, but at that time, I posted The Passing of the Pope: thirty-three questions.

  6. Luther, Melanchthon, Calvin, and now John MacArthur! Wow, go get ’em, John MacArthur! Great stuff. Didn’t hear it, read the transcript though…

    Almost makes me want to believe in Luther’s reincar…no, won’t go down that trail [lol].

    Hey, Brother Martin is included in the “great cloud of witnesses”. MacArthur would make him proud. I’m all for the defense of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  7. Note: Dan’s link is now working.


    It’s been a while, friend. Good thoughts. Of course, you lose Brave-O-Meter points because at the time of the post you were still a “nobody,” not a big, famous Pyromaniac.

    Joking aside, what’s your take on Mohler’s participation in the conference discussed here? I’d be interested in your thoughts.

  8. Chris, how very brave of you to continue the fight against Al Mohler. We need more people like you who will call out their sin.

  9. Dan, thank you for your questions. Although I believe they were probably facetious, I hope I got the point. I was challenged to think about questions 13 and 14.

  10. oops, this computer stuff is new to me. I continue- If Catholics, or any other religion, say they have the truth, and we Christians say we have the truth, can we have more than one truth? Is there only one 2+2=4? Somewhere you have to exclude all other views. Even these ecumenicals who say there are many ways to God, which appears to be broadminded, now appears to be as narrow a way as our faith in Christ, for by saying that they exclude all other narrow views. (whew I have a headache) Well, by asking this I assume you new this, but this is all new to me, and I’m thankfull to be challenged by men like you and Chris to bring me to a deeper life in Jesus Christ.

  11. pewman

    Thank you for your wonderful testimony to the Word of Truth. The Gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation and for the stregthening of the saints. Wow. What a testimony. Praise God!

  12. I go to Joh Macarthur’s church… I heard this sermon… I saw people walk out in anger. All I can say is that the truth never fears investigation and the truth was brough strong for the following weeks with his series on “The Worship of Mary.”

  13. george57 , right before your eyes in John Macarthur’s you have a true worker for christ over 40 years working his guts off, telling the truth, if you dont see the lies in the popes church, then i dont if you are saved, the truth in christ will set you free, praying to mary, lighting candles, and adding to the bible, come out from this false man made church, christ, the only way, This catholic dreams, he dies and walks up in hell, seeing crowds of people chase some men down a road, asking someone WHY, HE says its the priests, the people are after them, FOR saying they are safe for heven, via the catholic church, and pope.

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