Mama Sang Bass, Part 2

I introduced my mom’s college quartet here. The title of the LP they put out is “Harbored in Jesus.” The subtitle is “A selection of sacred songs to enrich your life.” All the songs are either a cappella or are accompanied by an organ or piano. I love the simplicity, the blend, the tight harmonies–all of which are not often heard in today’s bigger-is-better world.

I plan to post most or all of the songs. Here are a couple more:


6 Responses

  1. Chris, thanks for sharing that. Does Mama ever get with the ole gang and sing?

  2. Actually, Bruce, GRSBM has a reunion every so often, and they dust off the old songs. I’ve never heard it live, but I know it’s fun for them.

    I like the sound of this type of music a lot. Sometimes I wonder if I was born about 50 years too late. :) I’ve had several people either say “thanks” or “post the others,” so I guess I’m not the only one.

  3. I’m not sure you were 50 years too late or not. That type of sound really was the contemperary of it’s day as far as quartet music is concerened! :)

    But don’t let Mama hear me say that, she might take it the wrong way. My mother and her parents were part of quartet’s for years. Sounded much like what you have shared.

    It’s great to have that kind of heritage! Praise the Lord it still blesses and encourages today!

  4. Hey, Chris,
    After reading your posts about the old-time music, I thought you might like this link: I’m not sure how I came across it because I wasn’t looking for radio stations. I’ve listened for a couple of days, and so far so good. Maybe you could submit your mom’s quartet recording for playing. :)
    BTW– Beth Murschell has Chloe Jane and will be leaving tomorrow(Thursday 11 a.m. in Korea–Wednesday 9 p.m. your time.)

  5. Hello, Chris:

    Both as a pastor and as a music director, one of my greatest pleasures has always been working with women’s voices (duets, trios, ensembles, and mixed choir). So, you know that I LOVE the examples of your mom’s college group. I also know what these recordings mean to you. My mom sang alto with her family (Primitive Baptist, a capella) and with her brother in a quartet on Sunday morning radio (piano accompaniment) in the ’40’s and ’50’s. My treasures include my old scratched 78’s of both groups, since my mom is deceased, along with all but one of her family. One question: With which college was this group associated? Please keep this REAL music coming, as you have opportunity!

  6. Hi, Alan. Glad you enjoyed it. The group traveled representing Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music (GRSBM).

    I’ll try to get all the songs up at podomatic, so check back.

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