Mama Sang Bass: Fairest Lord Jesus

Someone once sang a little ditty about how his “Daddy sang bass” and “Mama sang tenor.” (Names withheld to protect the innocent–namely, me.) Well, my story’s a bit different: “Mama sang bass.”

This is true. My mom traveled with a singing group from Grand Rapids School of the Bible & Music (GRSBM) when she was in school–the Gospel Melodettes. It was a ladies quartet, and “Mama sang bass.” (I guess that would be second alto?) The group had a gorgeous blend, which I would occasionally hear growing up via an LP they had recorded together. At a reunion a few years ago, one of the ladies presented each of the others with a CD of the recording.

My favorite is an a cappella arrangement of “Fairest Lord Jesus.” Mom describes a time when the group was in Colorado and happened to be visiting Red Rocks, the natural theater that has been home to countless concerts. Since they were alone, they sang this song. When they finished, a caretaker came out with tears in his eyes, explaining that in all the years he had been at Red Rocks, that was the most beautiful sound he had heard.

Fairest Lord Jesus is one of my favorite hymns. It glories in the loveliness of our Savior and Lord. I hope the recording will point your thoughts toward Christ!


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  1. If I remember right, there was a parody done that went something along the lines of:

    Mama sang bass; Daddy sang–WHAAAAT!?!?!?!?

    Thanks for sharing the account of what happened at Red Rocks.

  2. I married that Mama who sang bass! I’m so thankful for a lady who has given all her musical talents to the Lord Jesus Christ . . . she has been instramental in making our ministry one of worshipful music all these years.

    By the way, future pastors, ask the Lord for a gal who plays piano . . . doesen’t matter if she sings bass or not!

    Chuck Anderson
    McCarroll Bible Church in Denver

  3. Hey, Pop. I knew there was a way to get you to post. ;) I’m thankful for the heritage of Christian music you both gave us!

    Scott, I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. Funny, funny!

  4. Just goes to show how powerful music can be. It ought to be compelling and godly. I enjoyed listening to this. It’s one of my favorite hymns.

  5. Little brother Chris,

    Seems there are some stories to be told of little brother singing high soprano. Thanks for sharing the song. I got thinking that mom and the gals must have really worked hard to blend so beautifully.

  6. […] Mom taught me to love sacred music. She’s a great musician (go to posts here and here to hear her sing with her college quartet) and an even better accompanist. She […]

  7. […] blend and harmonies remind me of the group my mother was in when she was in college (blog post here, recording of Fairest Lord Jesus here)…and probably in part because I have 4 daughters. […]

  8. We enjoyed the recording! The harmony was pleasant to listen to. Do you have any more recordings? =)

    Anita, Cilicia and Alexis Huron

  9. Hurons,

    I think we’re getting together with your family for dinner next week. I’ll try to bring a copy of the recording. :)

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