Barrett’s Book on Worship Is Out

The Beauty of HolinessI’ve mentioned a number of times that I’ve been awaiting the release of Dr. Michael Barrett’s book on worship. Well, it’s out. “The Beauty of Holiness” is available here from the publisher (or here for $5 less). :)

As I’ve said before, Dr. Barrett has had a tremendous impact on my understanding of the Scriptures. The same could be said by a host of my contemporaries. I’m sure this book will be another solid contribution to the cause of Christ–and from a fundamentalist, no less!


HT: “Scoop” Linscott


6 Responses

  1. I liked the introductory paragraph on the publisher’s page.

  2. I have thoroughly appreciated what I have read so far. Now if life will just slow down long enough for me to read the rest (perhaps after Christmas!)! I appreciate you “introducing” me to Dr. Barrett’s ministry. He has been a tremendous blessing.

  3. Mathew Sims provides a review of the book here. It looks like that conversation may focus on the observation of the Sabbath today. It also looks like Dr. Barrett hasn’t dodged issues like the Sabbath, head coverings, etc. in addressing worship. Should be interesting.

  4. this so reminds me of the days when i attended faith free pres (five years), and we would rush the book store to get a discount on ambassador-emerald’s prices whenever dr. barrett came out with a new book. i’m still working through two others he wrote, but i’ve already picked up two copies of this (just in time for christmas, thanks to your note) for my dad and a brother. here in france, we don’t get much new news about upcoming releases of dr. barrett’s typical caliber, so i appreciate your mentioning it.

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  6. […] Chris Anderson, My Two Cents (12/06) Review […]

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