A Trip Down Memory Lane, A Day to Remember and Nice People

Here are some miscellaneous thoughts that I’ll combine into one post:

You know you’re getting old when memorable events in your life are noted on their 20th anniversary. (sigh)

Here’s a story that is fun for me, both personally and even more so as a “kid brother.” In 1986-87 I was a freshman at Rampart High School in Colorado Springs, CO. Our varsity basketball team was dynamite, and my brother Jeff was privileged to be on it. They had an amazing, undefeated season, culminating in their victory in the 3A state championship game. It was a hoot. Kind of a like a real-life “Hoosiers.”

This article reviews the team’s accomplishments. It also features a picture of Jeff running onto the court at the end of the championship.

That’s my brother. :D


We had a tremendous day at TCBC today. It was our Christmas program, and we were hoping for a number of visitors…particularly unsaved guests. By God’s grace, we had a number of unbelievers present, including a fella we met via a caroling/gift project the teen’s worked on. It was a blessing for them to see some results from their good ministry. Praise the Lord. It was also exciting to have our highest attendance in our short 8-year history. We had around 210 in attendance. What does that mean? Well, not a lot, other than the fact that there were 210 people under the ministry of the Word today, and that’s something to rejoice in! It’s a delight to see the Lord work. (Psalm 115:1a)

I continue to be amazed that I’m privileged to pastor here. I love it. God is good!


Just wondering–and be honest: does anyone else get more enjoyment out of the “Hidden Picture” pages of “Highlights for Children” than your children do? (How embarrassing.)


Update: I sought to borrow brains a while back during my search for a laptop. My brother Dan finally pointed me to this one, which I’m using right now. I think it’s a good deal: just $400 after rebate. If it’s not a good deal…don’t tell me.


Finally, fundamentalists are just nice people. I’ve been working on a project (don’t ask) which has required me to seek the help of a number of musicians from “our camp.” I’ve received help at every turn–without exception–and I’m talking about 20+ individuals and companies. The “bigs” have helped and the mom & pops have helped. Fundamentalists may take lumps for being divisive, smug, fake, etc., but it’s just not true. These people are genuinely godly, humble people. I’m proud of my fundamentalists heritage and co-laborers.


8 Responses

  1. Westinghouse?

  2. I didn’t even know Westinghouse made computers…

    They must be only available at Montgomery Ward’s and Woolco… ;)

  3. This is from the “It’s A Small World” Department. My niece just graduated from that same high school last year.

  4. No kidding. That’s something else, Frank.

    BTW, Andy & Greg, leave my Westy alone. Westinghouse is…diverse. They make great popcorn, BTW.

    Besides, it’s all about the money. You’re talking to a guy who bought his van on ebay.

  5. Yes, Frank… but does she have a Westinghouse? :D

  6. Nothing’s worse than tech snobs.

  7. Not even Alphabet types?

  8. Now that’s funny.

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