Stooping to the Frivolity of the Age

I came across this quote while studying for last week’s message:

“The danger is that we make light of the gospel because of our disregard for the manner in which it is spoken…All mere study of manner, and way of putting familiar truth, is an accommodation to the frivolity of the age. When we are told to make our services more interesting, our music more lively, our preaching more animated, we are but told to stoop to the frivolity of the time, that we may entrap a truant attention and arrest a wandering mind.”

The time? The 19th century. The speaker? Joseph Parker, a contemporary, friend and eventual public critic of Spurgeon. One wonders what Parker would think of the state of the church in this, a much more frivolous time.


Those interested in the sad relationship between these two men can read of it here (about half way down the page). Your admiration for Spurgeon–a staunch separatist–will be increased, I wager. If you start reading at the beginning, you’ll also be struck by the public and sometimes petty disagreements in which believers engaged in public papers.

There is nothing new under the sun.


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