Christmas Music!

Wondering: what are your favorite Christmas recordings?

I have a bunch of favorites.  I enjoy “The Majesty and Glory of Christmas” very much (along with the other 2 recordings in the set – M&G and M&G of the Resurrection). The orchestrations of they various medleys of Christmas hymns and songs are stirring, and the choir is…well…joyful. The downside is that they give little snippets of pieces from Handel’s Messiah at the end. They shouldn’t have. I’ll take the real deal, thanks. Besides that, though, I think the CD is excellent.

Little Drummer BoyOn the “silly” side, one of my favorite recordings is one that I grew up with: “The Little Drummer Boy” by Living Voices. (Ever heard of an LP?) It hasn’t been available for years, but I was fortunate enough to find it on ebay & now enjoy it with my children.

If I can find a place to upload a song, I will. :)

(BTW, if your favorite recording is by a rock, country or CCM star, I don’t want to know.  Ignorance is bliss.) 


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  1. Christmas gifts off of eBay? Ok, I guess an early Christmas gift for the family is always a very cool thing, and oh, by the way, all of our Christmas music is on vinyl [lol]!

    I still weep like a child when I hear “Away in a Manger”. Christ the Lord, a lowly infant, born to redeem us from sin and death.

    Philippians 2.5-8

  2. We love the CD set of Handel’s Messiah from Musica Sacra (except that they do the Hallelujah Chorus too fast, which annoys me). I also enjoy getting out my personal copy of that glorious music and playing through a great deal of it at Christmas and Easter. :)

  3. One of my favorite Christmas songs is one we sang in a choir I was in during my college years. I have never found a recording of it so I can only enjoy it when my wife sits down and plays the piano for me and I can sing along. It is called “Chill of the Nightfall”. The tune is beautiful and the words bring a tear to my eye and joy to my heart. It compares the darkness of a cold, bitter winter night to the dawning light of the arrival of our Savior. I have always enjoyed the imagery in the last verse as the day breaks and the sorrows and shadows are transformed into the light of morning as a result of Christ being born. It makes me want to “sing out and tell now, all shall be well now”!

    Child of the Nightfall, lamps in the windows,
    letting their light fall clear on the snow;
    bitter December bids us remember
    Christ in the stable long, long ago.

    Silence of midnight, voices of angels
    singing to bid night yield to the dawn;
    darkness is ended, sinners befriended,
    where in the stable Jesus is born.

    Splendor of starlight high on the hillside,
    faint is the far light burning below;
    kneeling before him, shepherds adore him,
    Christ in the stable long, long ago.

    Glory of daybreak! Sorrows and shadows,
    suddenly they break forth into morn;
    sing out and tell now, all shall be well now,
    for in the stable Jesus is born!

  4. Sorry, the first line on the song should have read “Chill of the nightfall . . .”

  5. I looked for a demo of “Chill of the Nightfall,” Stephen, but came up empty. Sorry.

    “Rejoice” from SMS is excellent. I enjoy the way SMS does instrumental renditions of some of the Messiah choruses. And “See Amid the Winter’s Snow” is glorious.

    We were given a cd a few years ago that we’ve enjoyed–at least we’ve enjoyed most of it. It’s called “Portraits of Christmas,” and it’s put out by Our Daily Bread.

  6. “Glory to the Newborn King” from SMS is excellent, as well. I’m convinced that no one has done more to promote Christ-honoring music among fundamentalists than Tim Fisher.

  7. More favorites:

    “The Most Wonderful Birthday of All,” the CD Dave Rasbach produced with his Rushingbrook Children’s Choir & the BJ Chorale is stunning. Just gorgeous. Maybe my new favorite. Bravo!

    I’ve also enjoyed the Chorale’s “Proclaim His Birth.” I’m an old Chorale alum, so maybe I’m biased. I especially enjoy “Candlelight Carol” & Joan Pinkston’s “Christmas Pastorale.”

    Producing music for fundamentalists is a pretty thankless job. You’ll get beat up for being too conservative or for pushing the envelope. It comes with the territory. But I think we take our gifted musicians for granted. Rasbach, Cook & Pinkston are examples of fundamentalists putting out really nice work!

    In the “this is just fun” category, it’s hard to beat the King Singer’s “Ding Dong! Merrily on High” from their “A Little Christmas Music” CD. (Does that check??)

    What a fun time of year. And what a tremendous time of year to enjoy music that makes much of our Savior. We’re blessed!

  8. Hi,
    I was fortunate to grow up listening to that Harry Simeone album as well (Little Drummer Boy in Living Voices – Harry Simeone Chorale – the one you have pictured above). Last year, I came across a Microsoft software package that allowed me to digitize albums onto my computer, and the first one I did was this album. Although the album has been played every year since it was bought (as a little tradition in my family), it is in pretty rough shape – this software program took out all the “hiss” and “pop” associated with extensive play of the album over 40 + years. Also, it also allowed me to save it as either wave files, or mp3s. You might want to check it out…also, as turntables are becoming more and more scarce, it’s a relief to be able to make a cd of this as well, and allow me to share this timeless music, as well as others, for my children as well.

  9. Just found your website while looking for “Little Drummer Boy” by Living Voices! I grew up with the album and love it! I actually found the album to download (very cleaned up and sounding good) at Be careful to type in hif- for the beginning. It should be hi-fi, but it’s not. It’s hif-fi. Or you can just type in Living Voices Christmas in Google, and it’s the 3rd one down. I am enjoying listening even as I type! This was a real answer to prayer (small, but it has made me very happy to hear these songs from my past!) Jesus bless you this 2007 Christmas season!

  10. It’s fun to see my girls enjoying the same stuff I did as a kid. Our whole house bounces around to Sleigh Ride. :) It’s light, but that’s all it’s supposed to be. Fun! Thanks for chiming in, Kathy, and thanks for the link.

    Here’s the link directly to the specific page for the album: The Little Drummer Boy.

  11. Chill of the Nightfall was written by Tom Kendzia and is recorded on his album Lead us to the water. I found the album on this web site:

    It is also my favourite Christmas song for the same reason. I heard it in choir when we sang it. We used to perform it every Christmas Eve.

  12. Thank you for the very kind words regarding “Chill Of The Nightfall”

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