Help Needed for Friends Who are Adopting


Mick and Beth Murschell were both friends of mine at BJU. I think very, very highly of them. By God’s grace, they have been able to adopt 3 Korean children and begin raising them in a godly home. They have been working toward bringing home a fourth, but they have hit a financial “wall” and are lacking around $6800. The deadline for them to have the money is Monday, September 18th.

If you are able to help, Global Grace Missions has set up a way for funds to be donated on-line. Details here. Please pray for the Lord’s will to be done.


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  1. Curious: Why is the deadling Monday Sept 18th? Who set that deadline?

  2. That’s a good question, Jim. Basically, the agency has extended our time FAR beyond what they would do for most people. They have been more than patient. I asked them if we could have until then to send her referral back (i.e. decline her file). At that point the very kind people associated with Global Grace Mission leaped into the fray. We know the time is very short. My feeling is that 1) God is able, regardless of time, and 2) if the heavens open and it becomes obvious that we’re going to make it, they will flex a few more days (Lord willing).

    As background: My husband’s company was to have been sold, and some profits shared with the employees (it was a “sure thing” ;-). This didn’t happen. My husband has worked overtime, we have checked into grants (and received a small one), we have appealed personally, we have lived tightwaddishly (new word?), etc. We have seen God provide miraculously in our other adoptions, and we are praying for that to happen once more.

    Our natural reticence and pride is being outweighed at this point by our desire to bring her home. :-)

  3. Thanks for answering my questions. Hope you don’t mind my asking. I sent $ 100 via Paypal

    God bless

  4. Not at all! And I am humbled and grateful for the donation–truly. Thank you…

  5. Update: The amount needed is now about $4500.

  6. Update: The amount needed is now $3799.

    This is getting the adoption into the “doable” range, but more is needed. I think we must not lose heart. In fact, I am very encouraged. I spoke with Beth and they are more confident than ever that this will go through. Even if the deadline passes we need to be aware of the fact that the Murschells have gone to great sacrifice to go through with it now that we have helped them get so close (i.e. sell a car or something). Any extra help makes sense. So, press on!

  7. Because they’re in the spotlight–uncomfortably so–I think it’s worth pointing out that they’ve done this 3 times(!) successfully! In other words, they’ve sacrificed much…for fees, for transportation, etc. This isn’t a couple acting on a whim, or asking others to sacrifice where they have not. I can’t imagine how much they’ve spent thus far, but I’m guessing that $50K is a reasonable guess. FWIW.

    BTW, a family in our church has adopted two Chinese children, so we have seen first-hand the blessings of bringing children into a Christian home. That’s part of the reason I’m so burdened about helping the Murschells. It’s a good, good thing.

  8. Good points, Chris.

  9. Update: The amount needed is now $3,279.

  10. Update: We’re working on bringing the Chloe page up to speed, but the amount now needed is around $3100.

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