Sermon Summaries (8/27/06)

What did you preach or hear preached Sunday?


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  1. I preached message 3 of a quick 4-message series entitled “Getting the Gospel Right.” The first was on repentance, the second on justification, and yesterday’s was on sanctification. Specifically, I was comparing & contrasting justification & sanctification, demonstrating how the process of sanctification is impossible without the union in Christ which takes place at our justification. I made much of the fact that where there is no sanctification, there has been no justification. The two are distinct, but inseparable.

    The message provided a very quick overview of how Romans 4-8, showing how ch. 4-5 (justification) relate to ch. 6 (union with Christ as the basis of sanctification), 7 (the struggle of sanctification) and 8 (the Holy Spirit’s enabling sanctification).

    I also made much of Hebrews 12:14 which states that one who lacks progress in practical sanctification will not see the Lord. That’s not to say that personal holiness is the cause of justification, for it obviously is not. Holiness in daily living is, however, the inevitable result and proof of justification.

    Sorry these thoughts are not expressed more clearly, but I’m in a hurry. It was a good day.

    Oh…I preached the last of a 5-week series on marriage Sunday night, specifically addressing the husband’s responsibility to Lead and Love his wife (Ephesians 5 and I Peter 3:7).

  2. Chris,

    I preached part 23 – For me to live is Christ. Part 23 of the sermon series was also part 3 of the sub-series on “The Fruit of Discernment.” This Sunday we are taking a break from our series to do a special Labor Day Sermon. I’ve posted it on neofundamentalist. The Sermon title is “Lied about, Stoned, and Left for Dead!” It is from Acts 14:19-20. The subtitle for Sunday’s Sermon is “A union/non-union “sensitive” Labor-Day Sermon: A Pauline case-study of the Biblical procedures in recovering from the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wounds recieved from those nasty, stinky and stubborn “stampeding elephants” that often will run you over in life, work and ministry.”

    Hows that for a subtitle Chris!

    (I’m having fun with the title, but I pray the seriousness of the text will minister)



  3. Hi Chris

    I figured you were busy. When you get a chance, could you give a bit more of an overview of the Buckaroo stuff? Or have you already done that here somewhere and I missed it?

    Sunday AM was an overview of the general theme of the entire New Testament as I mentioned in last week’s thread. “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”. See my notes at my blogspot to get more details.

    I am particularly excited about this stage of our Thru the Bible project. I am handing out the study guides and set up the reading schedule to precede the preaching. I did it the other way around in the OT. So our folks started reading the Christmas story yesterday and we will ‘have Christmas’ tomorrow night. Then Sunday will be John the Baptist, the Temptation and the early Capernaum ministry.

    The way I set the schedule up, I am thinking I better get my messages prepared early in the week (what a novel concept) and then do the Study Guide at the end. So… I finished the Wednesday message today as well as the John the Baptist one. Tomorrow I hope to get the other two, then back to the hard slogging.

    I think I need to consult with Joel on titles though.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  4. Don,

    Flattery will get you everywhere! You are kind. But reality is Canadians don’t understand my humor. My children and my wife remind me that American’s don’t either. You will do better with your own title.

    Blessings on you my Northern friend!


  5. Hey Joel, I guess that’s true. I would need an interpreter to make your titles something other than ‘sounding brass’, eh? (1 Cor 14.27)

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  6. Hi again all,

    I have posted a synopsis of our Wednesday night, the first message dealing with our Thru the NT series: Unto You a Child is Born.

    It was Christmas in our church tonight. All those who didn’t want to miss Christmas showed up. Alas, some didn’t … they preferred a lump of coal, I guess.

    You can find my synopsis here:

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

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