Medical Missions…With a Twist

TCBC is honored to support the Tom Needham family, missionaries to Cameroon, Africa, where Tom works closely with several GFA missionaries. He is a tireless worker, and God is doing a tremendous work through his ministry.

Tom recently returned to the States with his 14-year-old son, Daniel. Daniel has an unusual spine deformity that could become dangerous if it went untreated. By God’s grace, Daniel successfully underwent a 7-hour surgery in Denver last week…and the hospital and surgeon absorbed all the expense!

Pastor Craig Scott from Woodside Baptist Church (the Needham’s new sending church) informed the surgeon of the need some time ago. The surgeon volunteered to donate his own time and expertise and “called in some favors” at the hospital. Denver’s CBS affiliate aired this report prior to the surgery. Tom has since sent out an update rejoicing that the Lord allowed the surgery to go well. Here’s an excerpt:

Thank you so much for your prayers for Daniel this week! He underwent 7 hours of back surgery on Monday, August 21, as scheduled. Two steel rods, approximately 5/16 inch in diameter and about 16 inches long, were laid up on either side of his spine. They are held in place with 22 screws. This was done through one incision down the middle of his back. The surgery was very successful. He is about three inches taller than he was before the surgery and is now about 6’ 2” tall! Fourteen year old Daniel has been in a lot of pain this week, but has shown himself courageous and patient. Since yesterday he has been up and walking. He is expected to leave the hospital tomorrow or Monday. For now he can do no BLTs–that is bending, lifting, or twisting. Please pray that this strong active young fellow can keep himself quiet for awhile. He will have a period of recovery but within 6 months he should be completely strong. Dr. Lowe says once he is recovered there should be no restrictions in his activities, he will not notice any stiffness in his back, he will continue to grow taller, and there should be no negative effects from the operation at all—with one exception: going through security checks at the airports might be interesting!

The Needhams are choice servants of our Lord. Praise the Lord for His healing and provision on their behalf!


2 Responses

  1. Brother Chris,

    You are too kind, but thanks for the encouragement. We appreciate you. Daniel continues to improve on a daily basis. He is up and around and doing well. God is indeed good!!!

    Faithfully in Christ,


  2. Glad to hear it, Tom. Praise the Lord!

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