Sermon Summaries (8/20/06)

What did you preach or hear preached Sunday?


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  1. Hey, here I am, busy all day, and still the first to post.

    Well, yesterday I will work backwards through our services. In the afternoon we had a farewell service for my son and daughter who are heading off to BJU tomorrow. My son will be a freshman preacher boy, and while I HATE sending any of the kids away, I know it is God’s will for now. I gave a short message on 3 Jn 4: “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”

    In the Bible study hour, I finished our summer study of the Intertestamental Period, discussing the Samaritans, the Apocrypha, the LXX, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. I stole the material for this from Layton Talbert, down at Mount Calvary.

    The morning message was on Mal 3.16-18. It is the turning point of the book. God has been arguing with the majority of Judah over their unconscious corruption, but turns to the remnant with this line: “Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another”. The message was about The Book of Remembrance that God places as a memorial before himself of the things ‘his jewels’ (precious possessions) say, and of who they are. He promises to spare them in “that day” and will show the rebellious how God distinguishes between the wicked and the righteous. The passage is a tremendous relief to those who fear and trust the King of kings.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  2. Morning — I had many opportunities to minister the Word yesterday. For our Children’s Worship Service, we traveled across the Sea of Gallilee with the disciples and Jesus (Luke 8:22-25) and learned that Jesus can be trusted no matter how perilous the situation. To get the picture, we placed the chairs in seven rows of two seats each and we just happened to have 13 children there that morning!

    Afternoon — This summer we had four Bible Truth Forums in which we looked at a biblical worldview about various topics: history, economics, and medical ethics. My turn came yesterday afternoon. We looked at a biblical worldview about God. There were a number of directions we could have gone. But I decided to show how God has been misrepresented by the following ideologies: “God accepts you as you are,” Grace Living, and WWJD?

    Evening — At Salida Woods Assisted Living home and during the evening service, we discovered the answer to the question, “Why So Long?” (2 Pet. 3:1-9). Of interest to me was one commentators view that only “two days” have passed since Christ promised to return. It really hasn’t been that long. But his longsuffering “to usward” (his elect) is a wonderful thought.

  3. We had Evangelist Herb Brail at our church and he preached a great message from John 15:7-11. From those verses he preached on “A Life That Counts.” The life that counts is one that is (1) Christ Centered [if ye abide in me], (2) Bible Anchored [and my words abide in you], (3) Prayer Supported [ye shall ask what ye will], (4) Fruit Bearing [that ye bear much fruit], (5) Love Motivated [continue ye in my love], (6) Commandment Keeping [if ye keep my commandments], and (7) Joy Filled [that your joy might be full].

    It was a great message preached by an older man who was in extreme pain from a fall he took just days before, but that did not stop him and it was a blessing to our church.

  4. Hey, Derek, I love that passage. I forgot to mention that I also preached up in Nanaimo, BC in the evening and coincidentally preached a message from the same text, on “The Keys to Abiding in the Vine”. I preached through John’s gospel for 5 years and have 8 messages on Jn 15.1-11 alone.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  5. Once again I was given the opportunity to preach this past Sunday evening. This time, however, the message was expository! I’ve been burdened lately concerning the content and motivation of my prayers for people due to the fact that I’ve been teaching through Ephesians in my Sunday School class, and two of Paul’s most powerful prayers are recorded in Ephesians (1:15-23; 3:14-21). In order not to repeat those from my SS teaching, I preached from 2 Thess. 1:11-12. In these verses we see the nature of Paul’s prayer (it was constant intercession), the substance of Paul’s prayer (that God would powerfully count them worthy of their calling and bring to completion their desires for good and their works prompted by faith), and the purpose of Paul’s prayer ( the glorifying of His Name in us and we in Him by His grace). My purpose was to set Paul’s prayer before our people to challenge them to evaluate both how they pray and why they pray for other people. How we all need help to elevate our praying beyond the mere physical needs of people and focus on their spiritual well-being as well.

  6. Chris has gone silent! I hope that only means that he is exceedingly busy.

    I have posted my 8/28 sermon summaries on my blog. We began our Through the NT series with an introductory message this Sunday.

    Christmas will be this Wednesday. I told our folks if they didn’t come, they’d miss Christmas.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  7. Oops! That would be 8/27 Sermon summaries. I am so bad with simple things like what day is it, what town am I in, who am I? etc. I am usually not late for supper, though.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

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