What I’m Reading: Complete In Him

Complete In HimI’ve intended to get to Dr. Michael Barrett’s Complete in Him for quite some time. Today I finally began it, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it so far. I’ve mentioned several times at MTC that Michael Barrett has had a great impact on my life and doctrine. His teaching on the doctrine of justification has been especially helpful. Frankly, when I was listening to a message on justification at the T4G Conference, I found myself thinking, “Boy, the message Barrett preached on justification at a recent OBF Conference was top-shelf.” It’s not available on-line, but I’m going to work at it making it available. (A little help here, Andy Rupert?) In the meantime, he addresses justification thoroughly in the book.

You’ll enjoy the ministry of Dr. Barrett. He’s passionate about the Gospel, not only as saving truth for the lost, but as life-changing truth for believers. If you’d like to discuss the book or ask a question about it, this thread is the place.

Oh, here’s the good news: you can buy the book at Amazon.com for only $68.92 (plus shipping). Ouch. Time for a second edition, eh?


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  1. Are you confusing the gospel with justification? You mention Barrett’s take on justification several times, but at the end of your post, you say he has a passion for the Gospel.

  2. I’m sorry, Bill, but I’m not sure what you’re asking. Can you clarify, please?

  3. Ya know … switching from tapes to mp3 is harder than we expected. Lots of people are asking for mp3s of messages we taped on … tapes. That means volunteers must re-record in real time. So, it may be a while unless we get some volunteers to stop by some time for lunch.

  4. Hey, I am converting tapes to mp3s in my study while I spend time doing other things. I have a Denon tape deck plugged into my sound card and am using Blaze Audio’s RipEditBurn to record, then edit the sound. (I can get rid of some of my uhh’s! It’s so cool!) I also have a program that can convert to various levels of mp3 so you can get the files quite small for download purposes.

    In the meantime, I am working on Bibleworks, Libronix, Word, etc (with the sound muted) and am cranking out mp3s every day. I have done about three months worth in the last two weeks.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  5. Thanks, Don. Beautiful.

    So much for that excuse, Andy. Let me know when you have the Barrett mp3. And make it snappy. ;)

  6. Funny quote of the day: When I showed Dr. Barrett what the book was selling for at Amazon, he replied, “Wow. That certainly has not been reflected in royalties.” :)

    The second printing is available a little more affordably here. If you don’t have it yet, you should. And if (like me) you’ve owned it but haven’t read it yet, you should.

  7. I am actually very anxious for Bill to clarify what he meant in the first post.

    Chris, Barrett’s book is fantastic. It has been a while since I read it and am looking forward to reading it again. Its message never gets old.

  8. Hey, Andrew. Trust that you’re doing well. I’d love to have a quick update of what the Lord is doing with your church plant in Florida.

    I’d enjoy having 11 guys read the book together, each providing an overview of one chapter…just one. We could post one chapter review at a time for mutual edification & discussion here. Or not.

    Anyone interested? If not, I’ll keep enjoying it on my own. :)

    Quick thought: I hope we’re moving past the notion that the various facets of the gospel are of importance only for winning the lost. What a terrible concept. I’m not saying that we should perpetually preach simplistic Gospel messages aimed at getting decisions for Christ. I’m saying that we should perpectually preach Gospel messages aimed at helping Christians understand, rejoice in and live out the vast riches which are ours in salvation! That’s Barrett’s concern in this statement:

    “The general consensus seems to be that whereas the gospel message is essential for evangelism, edification requires something beyond those simple facts. Such a reaction to the gospel betrays a sad unfamiliarity with its power and scope” (p. 2).

  9. After several months away, I got back to this today and was extremely encouraged. I’ll probably make several posts on pertinent statements from the book. What particularly struck me today, however, was Dr. Barrett’s insistence that the Gospel must be both understood and enjoyed. He must have made a reference to enjoying the gospel 12-15 times in the first two chapters. It’s almost…well…Piperesque. :)

    Great, great book. Should be required reading for all who pastor and all who don’t. A thrilling presentation of Gospel truth!

  10. Hi Chris!

    Thanks for recommending this book over at my blog. I will try to secure a copy of it for myself. The link you provided shows that it is currently not available, but Amazon is listing it for around $13 with a 4-6 week ship time.

    If you come across another source for it, please let me know.

    Thanks again, and I love your site! I just added it to my blog reader, and also to my blogroll.

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