On Esther’s Fifth Birthday

It’s been a great day at the Anderson house. Today is the 5th birthday of my 3rd daughter, Esther Ruth. She’s enjoying a new scooter from her Nana & Papa, some doll house “stuff” and–though she doesn’t know it just yet–“Kit” is moving in in the morning, courtesy of some help from Grandma & Grandpa.

(FADD Alert: That’$ 3 AGD’$ in one hou$ehold. Cha-ching! Cha-ching! Cha-ching!)

Ester's Pie

Mom is teaching piano tonight, so Dad & Daughters decided to try our hands at a blackberry pie as a little birthday treat. Not bad, except for the seeds that get stuck in your teeth. But what makes it even better is that we picked the berries from our back acre, where there are several blackberry bushes scattered among our weeds. We have the scratches to prove it! From picking to mixing to baking, it’s been a memory-maker’s dream!

Today is just one more reminder that the Lord has blessed me far, far above what I deserve. In some ways I may be rather poor; in all the ways that count, I think I’m the richest man in the world.


8 Responses

  1. You cook? wow.

    We should start trading recipes… ;)

  2. That’s a cute picture, Chris. You are blessed with cute girls. Which leads right into my second point. Jefferson is still available if you’d like to arrange a marriage between him and #2.

  3. Great shot–it takes a special kind of man to raise daughters! (At least my father-in-law, who had three girls, always likes to say that!)

  4. Well, Greg, I’m more apt to give my recipes to you than my daughters to Andy. ;)

    And Ted, your father-in-law sounds like a wise man!

  5. Chris,

    Better your daughters than mine… 8)

  6. I do have two sons. :)

  7. Greg, Andy is a great guy, his kids are too cute, and I am sure his sons will turn out just like Andy!

    (Ok, Drew, you can send that check to me now)

  8. I commend you for spending time with your daughters like this, Chris, especially a busy man in the ministry. Thank you for setting a good example for others of us in the ministry to follow.

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