An Historic Day: Our First “On Site” Service!

TabernacleSeveral months ago I explained that TCBC was looking for a tent in which to hold our summer prayer meetings. Well, God has graciously provided a tent from a sister-church in Conewango, New York. The tent was erected last night, and we’re using it for our worship time this evening: our first official service on our own land!

God is good!


4 Responses

  1. We had a wonderful, wonderful time tonight. My heart was full as I listened to prayers of thanksgiving for what God has done. And without our design–but as a fitting representation of God’s grace–the guy who preached the first message on our property is one who came to Christ through this ministry several years ago. It was a joy to hear him faithfully ministering the Word: like a visible expression of II Timothy 2:2!

    It’s my deep desire that there would be many more “trophies of God’s grace” preaching the Word in that place! God is so much more generous to us than we deserve! Glory to God! (Psalm 115:1)

  2. What a great testimony to what the Lord is doing!

  3. Chris,

    Praise the Lord for His working up there at TCBC. It is great to hear of the progress on the physical front and even greater to hear of the progress on a spiritual front.

    Is the area where you set up the tent part of what was covered with water a couple of weeks ago, or is it on a different part of the property?

  4. The area where the tent is set up was under about 3 feet of water a few weeks back. :)

    The area where the building will eventually be (DV) was high and dry the entire time, thankfully.

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