Sermon Summaries (7/30/06)

You know the drill. What are you preaching or hearing preached?

I continued my series on Worship yesterday morning, focusing on “Worship in All of Life.” I managed to cover 1.5 of 5 points. (ugh)

I was more encouraged–and convicted–by last night’s message. It was the 2nd on a 5-week series on A Biblical Understanding of Marriage. It is an interesting topic, so I’m going to give it its own post.

What about you?


3 Responses

  1. My family and I have recently moved and are visiting in search of a new church family. Based on recommendation of a fellow soldier, we found ourselves in what I would call a traditional African American Baptist church yesterday. The pastor began as expected (by us) with some scripture. I’m now trying to remember . . . it was in Acts and had to do with Paul. :-) So I settled in, thinking I knew what to expect. However, as he worked up, the sermon did not ever make a point. He read a few more scriptures, then proceeded to work into a sing-song, rythmic chant, going over one story, then another, not really connecting them with a main idea. What I can remember: Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus, then on to Jesus’ death and ressurrection. . . All was Biblical, for the most part, but with the expectation that the hearers knew these Bible events. Therefore, I would say it was more for inspiration, motivation, or encouragement, and not for the purpose of teaching. The congreation got worked up right along with the preacher – I thought he might continue until he had the whole room standing. :-) But he did finally wind down and end the sermon. The amazing thing is that the preacher is in his 80’s (according to our friend that recommended the church) and can still preach with that kind of energy.

    This was a rather unique worship experience for us, so thought I’d share. Hope that’s OK.
    Have a great week!

  2. Chris,
    still working through John, Acts and Colossians (Sun AM, Sun PM, Wed PM). Preached John the Baptist’s pointing his disciples to Jesus–great picture of Christocentric, non-market-driven, non-hypercritical model for ministry!

  3. Yesterday saw us in Mal 2.10-16. The interesting thing, Chris, is that the passage has to do with abuses of marriage, so I, too, was preaching about marriage. Here is the main idea: “God made marriage as a holy institution between one man and one woman for God’s glory. Any act that harms marriage profanes the work of God.” The abuses Malachi mentions are marrying pagans and divorcing ‘the wife of thy youth’. The message dealt with God’s statements against these two sins including the really intense words he uses, especially “dealing treacherously”.

    Then I applied it by pointing out that “A divorce is a culmination, not a commencement.” In other words, a divorce doesn’t just happen over night. So every hard word, every selfish act, every refusal to meet your spouse’s needs, every small division is a sin against the “the holiness of the LORD which he loved”, i.e., the divinely instuted covenant between two people and God.

    Well, that hits every one of us. The fact that God warns us about this sin is evidence that there is grace available. But we must confess our sin to God (i.e., say the same thing God says), and repent. And God is gracious and restores us. Remember Mal 1.2, “I have loved you” God says. That is why he rebukes us and offers us a place of repentance.

    This old prophet, Malachi, he gives us a good working over every week. I am planning two doses of Malachi next week.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

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