We’re Back!

Well, the Andersons made it to Michigan & back for a much-needed vacation. Everything went swell…until the last half mile. No kidding. We drove 8.5 hours today, from the coast of Lake Michigan (in NW Michigan) to NE Ohio, and 30 seconds from home, my poor 5-year-old throws up. Nice timing. :( The good news? We have leather seats, and her car seat is easy to take apart & wash. The bad news? The seat belt. (Parents, you know what I’m talking about. Can’t exactly get that in the washer now, can we?!)

Anyway, we had a nice reunion with my wife’s family, surprising her folks for a 40th anniversary celebration & enjoying a week in a gorgeous home on Lake Michigan. Think of walks on the beach, a 2-hour tube ride down a slow river which ends at the lake, several leisurely walks, a couple nice runs, and best of all, time with believing family members. Very, very refreshing…even with 9 kids under age 9!
In addition to time with family, I enjoyed plowing through some reading. I made some progress in “Give Praise to God” (including chapters on Baptism and Communion that were…um…interesting) and “Desiring God.” I’ll try to post on those threads when I get a chance. In addition to some devotional reading, I finished up “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (I’m not sure why, other than “because it was there”) and read “The Grapes of Wrath” for the first time…all 619 pages of it. Interesting, to say the least. I may start a thread on that one.

At any rate, we had a nice time, for those who care. The Lord is good. We are blessed. And we’re eager to get back to what the Lord has called us to do!

(I’ll put up a picture or two if I get a chance later.)


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  1. Glad you’re back safely and that you had a good trip (except for the last 30 seconds!) As for the remants of the last 30 seconds on the seat belt, well, been there, done that, and try a Shout wipe (to clean) followed by a Clorox wipe (to disinfect). Works well.

  2. Three words…


  3. You know, this is sinking in now…

    DirecTV? Leather seats? Seminary Presidents mowing your lawn?

    I am pastoring in the wrong place! :)

  4. Thanks for the tips, Lyn. I need to start a new “parenting catastrophes” category.


    Hi, buddy. I bought the van used…on Ebay…from Texas. No kidding. :)

    Not to name-drop, but I’m jogging with Alan Cairns this morning, so I’ve got to go.

  5. That’s great, Chris, Seriously. The Lord is good in providing everything we need- and more than we deserve.

  6. I would love Greg’s backyard! It comes with a baloon (and it’s NOT REMAX [a real estate company here in Columbus])!

  7. I love it much better since I was given a riding lawn mower last summer. Mowing 2 acres with a push mower with a hill wasn’t always pleasant.

    But, it makes for nice sledding for the kiddies in the winter- so I’m not complaining.

    BTW, Doug- ReMax was here, too.

  8. Oh, so it was ReMax! Nice advertizing if you ever decide to sell your home!

  9. BTW, I’m with CARLETON REALTY in Westerville, Ohio. ReMax is the competition, though I have nothing but good things to say about ReMax agents.

  10. Chris,

    I have read almost all of the works of Jules Verne. Journey to the Center of the Earth was interesting, but the best IMHO are The Mysterious Island and In Search of Castaways (a.k.a. The Children of Captain Grant). Those two are part of a trilogy which begins with 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Most of his novels are available for free at Gutenberg Press. If you search around, they are also available on Audio Book.



  11. Hey, Andy. Enjoyed the week with you at Pastor’s Conference. Back to reality, eh?

    Journey to the Center of the Earth was interesting. By the end, I was just trying to get it finished, though. The plot twists (unfortunate crisis followed by impossible solution) became redundant quickly. The idea of their coming back to the earth’s surface by riding a surge of lava? O brother. Not that any of the book was plausible, but that part was particularly insulting.

    Anyway, with your recommendation, I’ll work through the trilogy some time. Can’t beat Zane Grey, though. ;-)

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