Holy, Mighty, Worthy Text

Tomorrow night I’m preaching on the doctrine of God’s holiness. We’ve been discussing it over here. In light of that discussion and another on the writing of Christian music, I thought I’d post the words to Holy, Mighty, Worthy, a hymn which I wrote a few years ago. My friend, Greg Habegger, wrote the tune to it. Files are available at the following links:

Holy, Mighty, Worthy (Text by Chris Anderson; Tune by Greg Habegger)

Full Page Music / Half Page Music / Modulation / Doctrinal Notes / MP3 Sample


“Holy, holy, holy!” Seraph choirs extol Thee.
Bending wings, they humbly sing, of Thy lofty majesty!
Thou alone art holy! Who on earth is like Thee?
Grant that we, like Thee may be holy, holy, holy.

“Mighty, mighty, mighty!” Sun and stars declare Thee.
All creation joins to sing of Thy pow’r and deity!
Thou alone art mighty! Naught was made without Thee!
Grant that we Thy pow’r may see. Mighty, mighty, mighty.

“Worthy, worthy, worthy!” Saints in heav’n exalt Thee.
Lamb, once slain, now raised to reign: Savior, Judge and conq-ring King!
Thou alone art worthy! All was made to please Thee.
Grant that we in heav’n may sing, “Worthy, worthy, worthy!”

“Glory, glory, glory!” We, Thy church, adore Thee.
Called by grace to bring Thee praise; trophies of Thy pow’r to save!
None shall share Thy glory! All shall bow before Thee.
Father, Son and Spirit: One! “Glory, glory, glory!”


14 Responses

  1. Perhaps you have heard her before. I had not, until someone sent me a video of Jania Nash. My post yesterday includes a link where you can hear this nine year old girl sing, “What a friend we have in Jesus.” It is incredible.

    We probably can never plumb fully the glory of our holy God.



  2. Chris,
    I was immediately drawn to the lyrics–well done for the content and the God-ward vector of it. I am curious though–and this is not a critical statement–but why include “thee, thy,” etc in a modern hymn?

  3. Remember, Sam- Chris is King James Only.

  4. Actually, I think that the lyrics are quite well done! And, call me an old fuddydud, but the use of “thee” and “thou” doesn’t bother me in the slightest; I take them as a formal gesture of honor and respect (and I’m not KJV only–the version or the basketball player:).

    Thank you for the hymn text, Pastor Anderson.

  5. Thanks for the encouraging words. Praise the Lord.

    We just sang it Sunday night, as I was preaching on holiness. Our people have enjoyed it, and I think that having a "home-made" hymn (if done well) can highlight to our people both the importance of our music and the importance of doctrinal content. I was just speaking to our assistant pastor about both of us taking time to write some more and to mercilessly critique each other's efforts, both doctrinally and stylistically. I think pastors need to work at this more. It's good for our churches and good for our own hearts to be meditating and boiling down doctrinal truths to concise and artisitic verse.

    Along the lines of doctrinally-rich hymns, I told our people they were singing like Presbyterians Sunday. We sang 7 verses of "How Sweet and Awesome Is the Place" Sunday, for the third straight week. It is a beautiful and convicting expression of the parable from Luke 14:15-24. Then we sang "Arise My Soul, Arise" and "Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness" on Sunday night along with HMW. Nice, deep, reverent stuff…and our people are enjoying it!

    As for the archaic language, it honestly never occurred to me not to use those words for this particular hymn. Perhaps because of the "grandeur" of the theme. I wouldn't do it all the time; it just seemed to "fit" here. Good question.

    Again, thanks for the encouraging words. Now try singing it. :)

  6. Bro. Chris,
    Thanks for the hymn–thou accomplisheth much for one whose king (james) hath fallen. Mine own woe hath been shown by mine own pride in Wallaces, Billups and Princes! :D

  7. Pride came before destruction, no?

  8. motor city meltdown… :(

  9. Amen!

  10. Yea, verily.

  11. Excellent song!

  12. […] and the music pastor at Tri-City Baptist Church in KC. He let me know that he would be introducing Holy, Mighty, Worthy this Sunday night in their evening service. […]

  13. This song is beautiful and reverent!! I first heard it last night at a Christian school concert directed by my friend. Has it been recorded by anyone, and can it be purchased on iTunes or anywhere else? Grace, mercy and peace to you.

  14. Beautiful Hymn. I love the music on the last 4 measures. We plan to introduce this in church within Feb-Mar 2012. Grace Baptist Church Mandaue, Cebu, Philppines

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