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Me and T4G: So Much for Laying Low

Me and T4G

Richard Stomps has kindly pointed out my mug on the far right of the banner atop the T4G site. Who’d a thought? Well, I can’t exactly hide that nose, now that I think about it.

Me and T4G croppedSo much for any thoughts I’ve had that I should have kept my mouth shut & gone incognito. Busted.

My first thought: “O, no. Resolutions!

My second thought: “O, boy. Royalties!

Let the record show that my hands are not raised in exuberant worship. In fact, though my press credentials can’t be seen in the grainy photo, I was actually there on behalf of the Calvary Contender.

Of all the guys…


23 Responses

  1. Mahaney. Duncan. Dever. Mohler.

    …and Anderson. All on the front page. All together.

    This is just too good :)

  2. […] Look whose mug is on the T4G website… […]

  3. And next to Mohler no less! At least they could have put you next to Duncan, with him being more conservative on the whole worship thing. I mean, he’s not a Baptist, but that’s obviously no big deal to you. ;-)

  4. I’m noticing how far your picture is from the open Bible…curious placement, no? (-;

  5. You will now be highlighted on every fundamentalistic gossip rag from here to Arkansas.

  6. Boy, you have must have gotten there early to get a seat that close to Mohler while he was preaching. Of course, the worst part about it is that you didn’t even have a tie on. How in the world will anyone know you are a fundamentalist? You are listening to Al Mohler without a tie? You might as well just carry big sign that says “I am a Neo.”

  7. Thank you all for your support. With friends like you…

  8. Just doing our part to protect and preserve the purity of the movement. ;)

  9. It actually gets worse. If you let the slideshow run for a while, a full color picture shows up. At least, I think that’s you. I suppose it could be another guy at the conference with a Bob Jones haircut… See for yourself:

  10. What exactly are you doing there in that picture Nathan G linked, Chris? Are you taking notes or something? You look convicted. . . . Were you actually convicted at a NEOEVANGELICAL conference?!?!?! How can that be? I thought you were a fundamentalist.

    I think I may take you off my blogroll now . . .

  11. “My sources” have just emailed to me further cause for alarm. I guess you were not only convicted, but appears you were ALSO PRAYING . . .

    I guess Ben and Brian aren’t the only “Young Fundamentalists” around here . . . (actually, did the Big Mac even go?).

    Here’s another picture where it appears you are thinking something along the lines of, “Boy, I wish I was a NEO-EVANGELICAL” . . .

    Where can we turn when the foundations are shaken so?

  12. I was writing down the things with which I disagreed, Ryan. The look is consternation, not conviction.


    BTW, if anyone finds a picture of me and Mahaney in a mushy embrace, please don't link to it. I don't think it's out there, but one can never be too careful.

  13. “Boy, I’m glad I’m not a new evangelical” is the caption you’re looking for, Ryan.

    And the guy praying isn’t me. Other than the fact that we’re both white, he doesn’t resemble me. I think he’s my senior by about 15 years.

  14. I guess Ben and Brian aren’t the only “Young Fundamentalists” around here . . . (actually, did the Big Mac even go?).

    Ryan, you really know how to hurt a guy.

  15. Four posts in a row might give the impression that I’m worried about this. I’m not. However, I am changing my story:

    The truth is, I was never there. I just read about it. The pictures you have seen are bogus–simply the work of a Photoshop artist…kind of like the guy who turned this into this.

    This is all a conspiracy. It never happened, and I will defend my name. Don’t be so gullible.

  16. A limerick on the topic of Chris Anderson becoming a NEOEVANGELICAL

    After seeing the rush of pictures proving that the former fundamentalist Chris Anderson of Ohio actually was attending the "Together for the Gospel Conference," and apparently enjoying it, we have composed a short poem in honor of the occasio…

  17. So you got someone to Photoshop the picture of you and Dr. Robert Schuller? Think if that had gotten out! Fortunately for you, he took “Dr. Bob” out of the picture and put in the (seemingly) harmless Greg Linscott! [heh,heh]

  18. This is all a conspiracy. It never happened, and I will defend my name. Don’t be so gullible.

    Well, Chris…

    If the watchband fits, than you must acquit!

  19. Yeah, this is conspiracy. All of it. Just like Area 51 and JFK.

  20. Perhaps we can help clear up this unfortunate misunderstanding.

    We recognize that Chris is a separatist by conviction. His fundamentalist credentials are strong, and our use of photographs with him in them should not confuse that point. Actually, the reason he appears in so many of our pictures is that few men have what he offers:

    * a serious, yet kind countenance;

    * a pensive expression that speaks of wisdom beyond his years;

    * a masculinity which–despite his girlish posture in one of the pictures–is still unmistakable;

    * a look of thoughtful contemplation which is indicative of great spiritual depth and insight.

    Not to mention the fact that he has a handsome profile…and a humble spirit.

    At any rate, our selecting Chris for these pictures is not due to his ecclesiastical convictions (which should be very obvious by now), but to his impeccable appearance.

    Again, we hope this clears things up.

  21. But can Chris leg press 2000 lbs? For all of Chris’ other merits, I guess there are still some gifts you can only find within neoevangelicalism.

  22. Well, you’ve got me there. :D

    (Note Michael’s wise distinction between “Chris” and “neoevangelicalism.”)

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