Barrett Urges Calvinists to Evangelize…

…by an exposition of the book of Jonah. It’s worth a listen.

Michael Barrett“Evangelism is at the very heart of God, and should be the primary concern for everyone who has himself experienced the saving grace of Christ and His gospel.”

“Those who call themselves Calvinists–those who say they believe in the sovereignty of God in salvation–oftentimes will use that true creed–will use that biblical truth–as an excuse for their laziness, as an excuse for their coldness of heart, as an excuse for their disobedience to the clear command of God.”

“The fault is not in the theology. The fault is in the heart of that man. Don’t you use the truth of Scripture–don’t you use the truth of the grace of God–as your excuse for disobeying the clear command to share the Gospel of Christ.”

“Any application of theology that breeds indifference and laziness and disobedience before God, although the theology itself may be good and proper, certainly is a misuse of that theology….[Such people] don’t have a clue as to what the true significance and true meaning of God’s grace is.”


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  1. Kevin Oberlin (2006 Ph.D. at BJU) has a good analysis of using Jonah as a support for teaching that there was a command in the OT to evangelize (he’s refuting Kaiser, actually). Not sure if he has his dissertation available as a pdf, but I’ll see if I can find it. He affirms that the OT has occasional examples of Jewish outreach to the nations, but nothing like the explicit command to “go” that we find in the Great Commission. Kaiser seems to be arguing that an explicit command is there, if I recall correctly.

  2. Ted,

    If I’m not mistaken, I met Kevin at last year’s MACP in Detroit. We chatted for a few minutes about his dissertation. I’d be interested if it’s available.

    If Jonah is an exception, he is a prominent one. Interesting.

  3. Thanks for posting the quote by Barrett. I know that there are other Calvinists that believe the same thing that Barrett is expressing, but somehow this refrain doesn’t get published as much as the erroneous notion that Calvinism leads to a lack of evangelistic zeal.

  4. Hey, Kris! It’s been a long time, friend!

    The sermon was quite powerful, and Barrett’s frustration with those who shrug off their evangelistic duty by hiding behind their theology was quite evident. I was glad to hear it.

    FYI, there’s another discussion about Barrett & his current ministry here.

    Trust that you’re doing well.

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