Emergency Prayer Need for My Missionary Brother

Dans FamilyMany of you will remember that my brother Dan, a missionary to Brazil, came home for 6 months last year following the shooting of fellow-missionary John Leonard. Dan’s family has endured threats, robberies and break-ins of their own, as well. He has since returned to Brazil, and has ministered faithfully despite the danger. This letter just arrived from him. Please pray with me, friends.



A number of you have responded in the last couple of days since I shared about the murder of a church member’s uncle. Thank you for your prayers for our safety.

Tonight as I was wrapping up our lesson about pleasing God, we heard a gun shot. The men ran to the wall and secured the church gate. As we saw people running toward our neighbor’s pharmacy, I asked one of our men to lock the church gate and another of our young men to lead the prayer time. I went over to see if I could be any help even with the limited first aidtraining that I had in college.

I found Daniel, the pharmacist, in a pool of blood. People were standing around watching, but no one was helping him. I climbed over him and cradled his head in my lap, applying pressure to his head wound with a plastic bag from the store. Someone called that the car was here and I expected an ambulance and EMTs. It was a neighbor’s car and we were soon lifting Danieland loading him in the back seat of the car. The driver asked me to get in and hold him and keep talking to him, so I did. I couldn’t find the car keys to leave for my family, but found out later that I had given them to one of the church members.

En route to the first stop at a makeshift emergency room, I quoted all the Bible verses in Portuguese that I could remember. I sang Romans 8:38-40 about how nothing could separate us from God’s love. When we arrived at the emergency room, no one came to help. One of the men in the car went in to get a gurney. We loaded him ourselves and pushed him in. We entered three rooms before they could decide where to treat him, all the time I was holding pressure to his wound above his left eye. The doctor later commented that I was holding in “vital” tissue. I was blood soaked.

When Daniel was taken to the main hospital, I accompanied his brother David. I did not stay long as there was not much that I could do, but I was able to pray with David and also talk some to the other men that helped
about spiritual things. Pray for Daniel’s salvation, we have talked about spiritual things. He has some church background, but does not trust in Christ alone for salvation. Dinho has often tried to start studies with him, to no avail.

Linda and the kids made it home safely after praying together at the church. When I finally arrived home, the kids were nearly in bed. I stayedout in the park in front of the house until the kids were in bed so they wouldn’t have to see the bloody mess.

Thank you for praying for our safety. I am leaving my wedding band home when I go out now, and have a second wallet with only vital identification.

I feel beyond any emotional response. I covet your prayers for our safety,and for wisdom to know where to go from here. I am considering only morning services at the church, and not collecting offering. I need God’s wisdom and peace.

Thank you for standing with us. We are confident of God’s control and care for us, but I doubt at times what my own feelings and thoughts tell me.

In Christ,
Dan & Linda


11 Responses

  1. We will keep this family before our Heavenly Father! Please keep us updated.

  2. Thank you, Lyn.

    Here’s an excerpt of an email from my other brother, Jeff, a pastor in Colorado:

    As Dan’s older brother, I continually remind myself that the safest place in the world is the center of God’s will. Dan’s compassion and courage are shining as a bright light in a dark, dark place… but he is concerned for his family.

    Thanks for your interest and prayers,

    Pastor Jeff

  3. May God fill this family with the peace of God which passes all understanding. I am praying this moment for them. I am also praying for you, Chris, that God will give you peace and fill you with His Spirit as to how to minister to your family as well. Know the Holy Spirit will continue to be with you and yours during this trial. May He give comfort and mercy. Amen.

  4. I just received an update from Dan. He spent the morning washing blood out of his clothes & cell phone. He’s emotionally spent. He’s unsure how or if this should affect his ministry. In the meantime, his kids are frightened and confused. They’ll constantly ask Dan where he’s going, if the man that was shot will live, etc. The situation is difficult enough without adding six sweet kids into the mix. Please continue praying.

    Daniel, the shooting victim, is in a coma.

  5. Praying for the grace of God to be freely accepted by your brother, Dan, his family, and Daniel. My heart hurts for Dan. I thank God for his willingness to minister under such circumstances. THIS is CHRIST-LIKE ministry! Oh, the evident need for the life-transforming Gospel. The glory of that Gospel needs to shine into Daniels heart, even the hearts of those who have caused such wicked harm.

    I will also pray for Heavenly wisdom. It sounds like God has been providing constantly in this area. I am sure that He will continue.

    Chris, is there anything else we can do? Are their needs that we in the States can meet? Are there plans that we can be making to be a blessing to this family?

    “May the Lamb that was slain recieve the reward for His sufferings?” – Moravian Missionary Motto

  6. Please let us know if there is anything additionally we can do. The Almighty continues to monitor this in ways that go beyond us. His will is perfect, yet we may not understand it at the time. May He guide them, and your family, in His will, and with peace. I will be in continual prayer for this situation.

  7. God’s blessings be with you also, Chris.

  8. Thank you all for your prayers. I’ll let you know what you can do…perhaps notes of encouragement, etc.

  9. Chris, I am an occasional visitor to your blog and noticed the request for your brother. I am also a veteran missionary in Brazil (serving with BMM in the Sao Paulo area) and understand his concerns. If you wouldn’t mind dropping me his e-mail, I would like to write him a note of encouragement.

    Ed Alexander

  10. Done. Thanks, Ed.

  11. […] Hero.” He’s served the Lord in a dangerous part of Brazil for over a decade, enduring life-threatening challenges, seeing a fellow laborer nearly assassinated, and fearing for the safety of his seven children. […]

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