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Dever on Service Preparation

mp3 playerI have mentioned on occasion the areas with which I disagree with Mark Dever, the most obvious of which are his alignment with the SBC and his denial that Scripture teaches separation from disobedient brethren outside of the local church (per a conversation I had with him a couple months ago). That said, I’ve learned much from him regarding local church ministry.

This presentation (which I heard this morning) is worth a listen. It is a seminar in which Dever describes in excruciating detail how he plans his church’s worship services. Will you end up doing it precisely as he does? I highly doubt it. However, his planning–his intentionalness–is a refreshing change from the haphazard way in which many pastors approach worship.

Our worship–like every other part of our ministries–should be “on purpose.” If it is not, it must be “on accident,” right? Yikes. That can’t be good.


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  1. […] Mark Dever weighs in on the music issue in his seminar on service planning (which I discussed here): “The people who I know who tell me they don’t like it are other evangelical Christians who want something . . . –the word that’s used again and again with me is light. They want something light. ‘I want something lighter.’ Well, that wouldn’t be here. But I’m not really worried about that, because . . . so many other places they can get that. So that’s what so many people are telling them will actually bring people in. What I would say about the whole culture of the church we’re trying to establish is that . . . we are not meaning to be catering for nominal Christians. We’re catering for people who are sort of dead-out and willing to follow Christ or non-Christians who are spiritually curious. If they’re people who just want to be kind-of entertained or cajoled in, then that’s opposite of the way we’re trying to teach them about following Jesus.” […]

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