Sixteen Miles!

Warning: What follows has nothing to do with (a) ministry or (b) Scott Aniol. Some would consider it Narcissism. So if you don’t want to read about ME, turn away now. You’ve been warned.


I’ve taken up running in the last year or so, and I’ve progressed from a slow and painful mile to a slow and painful several miles. I actually have set a goal of running a marathon in 2006. Call it a midlife crisis, though that doesn’t bode well for my lifespan. (Hey, it beats getting an earring or ponytail, and I can’t afford a convertible.)

shoes and watchAt any rate, I took a great step forward today…or a great many steps. Though my previous bests had been 13 miles (once) and 10 miles (twice), I ran 16 today! And I feel pretty good, considering. This may be do-able, after all. YES!!


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  1. Man, you’re wierd. They usually put people like you therapy for self-abuse.

    Seriously, that’s great. I can’t imagine that. I tdry to eek out a mile about twice a week when I go to the gym. Maybe this summer, I will go for two.

    How long did it take you?

    Glad to hear about Gracie by the way.

  2. Hey, buddy. You could do it in no time. You’re an athlete…or you were. (Precious memories) :-)

    I’ve been running just over a year. Honestly, a mile was pushing it. Three was miraculous. But I kept at it, and have been able to increase fairly consistently. It’s a blast. I needed a hobby. And no kidding: the mp3 is a big help.

    Yeah, we’re thrilled about Gracie. Thank the Lord. Her older sister, Esther (the blonde), has the same thing. She’s almost 5, and it hadn’t closed last we checked. So we’ll keep praying about that.

    Enough about us. How’s fatherhood sut you?! :-D

  3. Oh…having a punk older brother bragging about running a marathon helped, too. If you could get your kid brother to run and then talk about it, it would provide motivation to do what you now think is humanly impossible.

  4. I do have an mp3 that I take to the gym when I work out. If I forget it, or if the battery runs down, I just go home. I refuse to waste an hour without listening to some preaching.

  5. I’m very concerned . . . I have three sons . . . they are all experiencing extreme symptons of mid-life crisis . . . all three are running and planning to do a marathon. Their ancient Pop does well to walk five miles! Praying that none of them keel over and leave their kids for me to raise!!

  6. Hey, Pop. (I mean…ahem…Hello, Father.)

    You’d prefer the earring and ponytail?

  7. Well done. I am working on the Leadville Marathon July 1 (26.2 high altitude miles) and the Pike’s Peak Ascent in August. You really need to run a race – 10k to start. Which do you prefer for a marathon: DC (Marine Corp) or Chicago? Both are in October.

    Larry, join us you geezer.

  8. Hey,

    I’m a runner, too. I’ve been training for the Bolder Boulder. This might be a great race for you to consider. It would be simply a warm-up compared to a marathon.

    Good luck,

  9. This isn’t worth another post, but I ran 17 last Friday. I’m getting closer, though I think that for the last few miles I probably looked like those silly race-walkers.

  10. Were those really 17 miles or did you “have to guess” as with the blog stats?

  11. NICE!!! Very, very funny. I am way too honest for my own good. :-)

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