Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Jeff BirthdayToday is my big brother’s birthday, and I almost missed it. Jeff is the pastor of Grace Bible Church in Colorado Springs–a church originally planted by our dad, Chuck. Jeff and his wife Nancy are the parents of 5 kids. Jeff’s hobbies include running, skiing, and freaking out my parents by wrecking motorcycles. (Don’t ask.)

This picture was actually taken last year, but it at least gives you an idea of what he looks like. And yes, this is the brother who runs marathons. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, eh?!

Happy 37th, old man!


7 Responses

  1. What’s with the picture? He looks about 90 in that picture. Perhaps it is the size.

    All I can say is that I am glad I don’t look that old. And what’s with the marathons? Does it really count if you drive?

    Happy Birthday, Jeff … if you take time to read your brother’s blog.

  2. Does he look old to you? Maybe I’m just used to it.

  3. I only feel that old!
    Thanks for thinking of me, Sonny.

  4. Hey, Jeff,

    Happy Birthday!

    The picture reminds me of why I don’t run any more – it ages you prematurely. Especially when you run at high altitude.

    Good to see you are still around. Stop by and visit my bro (Mike) in Colorado Springs. As far as I know, they still are not going to church anywhere out there.

    In Christ,

    Pastor Frank Sansone

  5. Jeff, you’ll appreciate this. I go into a Dominoe’s today to pick up a bunch of pizzas for our church’s work day. I explain to the manager where I’m from: Tri-County Bible Church, office across the street, meeting at high school, etc. Then he gets this look in his eye like he’s remembered something about the church.

    “They used to have a young guy who was their pastor, right? What happened to him? Is he still around?”


  6. And I was feeling pressure to get back into shape!

  7. “They used to have a young guy who was their pastor, right? What happened to him? Is he still around?”


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