MP3 Messages Worth Hearing

mp3 playerOver the last year, I’ve appreciated listening to sermons on my MP3 player…as I jog, drive, mow the lawn, whatever. It’s a great way to both “redeem the time” and to fulfill biblical commands to meditate on the Word. Honestly, it’s been a great contribution to my own spiritual life, and I believe it’s helped my preaching. (Insert joke here.) I recommend that you spend the $35 and pick one up! Hearing an extra 3-4 messages a week can’t hurt!

Occasionally I’ll be recommending some messages that have been particularly helpful to me. I’d appreciate recommendations from readers, as well.

Ted Miller has been a friend of mine since my freshman year at BJU. We were in band & trombone choir together, did a summer internship in the same church together, etc. Ted is now (ahem) Dr. Miller, a Bible professor at BJ. He recently had the opportunity to preach in chapel there, and his sobering message on Solomon’s life entitled “A Good Start Squandered” is available here.

Last week I listened to a message on marriage from Dr. Jim Berg, the Dean of Students at BJU. It is more of a biblically-themed lecture than an exegetical message, but it is tremendous. It is extremely convicting men, so put on your thickest skin. On second thought, don’t. The message, “The Essential Ingredients for a Stable Home” can be found here.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Chris–your check’s in the mail (-;

    Approximately how many messages (30-40 minutes per message) can you fit on a 512 mp3 player? I may finally get one soon.

  2. Ted, I have a 256 MB player, and I keep about 60 songs on it, then rotate 3-4 messages on and off. It’s also great for transferring data, Word docs, etc.

    I picked up a “tape adapter” (like this) that allows me to use it in my car, as well. BTW, remember when they made cars with tape decks? :-)

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